Perfect Memory Training Can Help Give Your Memory A Boost

Fiona McPherson’s Perfect Memory Training is a detailed guide that discusses the matter of boosting the capacity and functionality of your memory. Having a PhD in psychology, McPherson is considered a leading expert in the area of memory research. Perfect Memory Training is not an in-depth how-to guide. In fact, most of it is aimed at helping readers find out what memory is. Due to the research done by McPherson and professionals like her over the years, many techniques for memory improvement have been developed. The truth is, the methods do not work for everyone. Many factors like cultural, psychological, intellectual, and genetic variations make each and every human mind distinct.

There are many books that give memory improvement methods without giving a clear explanation as to how exactly they work. Though step-by-step instructions on boosting memory are easy to follow, it isn’t always easy to apply them to your life. For example, what if you’re told to envision the place where you first met a person so you can recall faces, but you’re actually going to have to look at a photo gallery just so you know who’s going to be at the company soiree? Since you haven’t met these folks, and all the photographs are on the same wall, this trick will not be much help.

Perfect Memory Training isn’t like these books; it genuinely gives you information and methods that you can very easily apply to actual events. The book’s first half talks about how memory functions. This part covers the creation and retrieval of memories. Additionally, it describes what makes a memory very easy to retrieve. After that it goes into the process of finding out what exactly is worth committing to memory. McPherson finishes the first half of her book with a description of the various parts of memory and how our working memory works.

The second half of the book is focused on methods for better recall. Here, McPherson provides several techniques and tricks for enhancing your memory recall. You’re going to also discover how to be a better strategic thinker and learner, and even improve your attention span. These ideas are all associated with, and occasionally confused with, memory. At the end of the book there are handy tests for your memory’s working capacity, glossary, and highly recommended reading.

Perfect Memory Training by Fiona McPherson is available in paperback and Amazon e-book. It is actually affordable at around $10.00, and definitely worth the investment for anybody interested in memory training. Nonetheless, this book isn’t for you if what you are just after is a book that has nothing but tips and tricks for improving your memory. Though there is an entire chapter on memory tricks, you will find a better collection in a book like The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory. Perfect Memory Training is the perfect book for you if you also wish to figure out exactly what makes your memory tick!

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