Instagram quick facts: 80M daily active users in the United States alone, 400M active daily users, 600M active users. Instagram is a robust social media network that allows small businesses to market their products and services for free. Buy automatic Instagram likes  is one of the Instagram marketing tricks; it can boost your revenue, build your brand, and generate leads. However, you cannot use the same Instagram marketing strategy that you do on other social media platforms. It would be best if you market your business in the right way to make your business grow and stand out from your Instagram results and following. 

A tremendous and better aim for your Instagram stratergy is a must to calculate success. How to meet your Instagram goals, here are some examples:

BUILD AWARENESS FOR YOUR BRAND: cross-promote your content on other social marketing channels, increase engagement rate on Instagram, grow your followers on Instagram.

GENERATE LEADS: leverage influencers to tap into new customers, run ad campaigns on Instagram to maximum customers, encourage options in Call to Actions in your Instagram profile bio.

SALES BOOSTING: run sale promotions, feature customers, promote services and products

TARGET YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS/AUDIENCE: With your strategy and goals outlined, you will want to know who you are targeting on Instagram. Focus is the primary key. 

NAIL YOUR PROFILE BIO: great brands on Instagram start with an excellent profile. A relevant link on your profile and a compelling bio is essential to turning eyes into leads and followers. You need to include high-quality photos and memorable profile pictures consistent and visually appealing with your brand guidelines.

Instagram does not allow its users to add CTA links in their bio, but you can include Call To action links in your profile bio. Most of the brand accounts will even say “see link in profile bio” in their Instagram photos or videos to drive their audiences to take action.

Ensure that your video collection and photo collection are engaging at first look and empty your target audiences to hit the ‘follow button.


Your content will be one of the biggest drivers in helping you reach your marketing goals. First, you must define your style (hashtags, captions, filters, fonts, and color palette). A consistent feel and look will help your business stand out from the competitor and crowd and boost recognition in a crowded feed. When it comes to types of content to share, go for photo and video content and share stories content as well.


You need to start building your audiences on Instagram by identifying key accounts and hashtags. Start by identifying your competitors, looking through the types of people following them, and trying to engage with a similar audience. Look for opportunities to cross-promote your content with influencers to grab new exposure for your business. You can also analyze the hashtags influencers are using for content and select the most effective one. Hashtags are the best way for most users to find new content. If you want to grow your audience base, you can start an Instagram ad campaign through the Facebook application.

INFLUENCERS: reaching out to Instagram influencers in your market can earn you a lot of customers. There are many ways to work with Instagram influences, including paying them to run advertisements for your account in their feed, cross-promoting content, and affiliate deals.

GIVEAWAYS AND CONTESTS: another great way to promote your business is to run contests, where you ask your audience to like your content and tag friends.


IGTV or Instagram TV is not similar to the video clips that Instagrammers can share in their Stories or feeds. IGTV is a different part of IG, which is designed to let the users share longer-form videos, which are possibly watched either on the separate IGTV app or on the main IG application. Go to your Instagram TV section, and you will see the Instagram TV videos from accounts that you follow on Instagram, and you can also search for users or creators in IGTV’s search bar. 

While stories permit the Instagrammers to share the fifteen-second media clips and feed posts let one-minute clips, Instagram TV can be up to ten minutes long, and for verified accounts and larger accounts can upload for sixty minutes.  IGTV  videos are vertical orientation and full screen, created to be viewed on mobile devices. So unlike YouTube, when you are viewing, you do not need to turn your mobile horizontally.

If you upload the video on IGTV, there is a 5.4 GB restricted to the video files with an aspect ratio of min 4:5, and you can also post them as an MP4 from a PC or Mac and directly upload from a smartphone for the normal account. For receiving more comments at a low cost, buy real IGTV comments from this site, and IG is upgrading it all the time, and shopping is the most recent innovation being launched by Instagram. 

This shopping feature lets the user directly shop through the IGTV application for services or products featured in Instagram TV videos.  For reaching wider audiences, buy IGTV likes for your video content; it will help you grow your IGTV and the shopping feature. Businesses and brands can tag their products and services they feature, like the shoppable posts in the Live Stories and main feed of Instagram, so that people can click on them to purchase the products. This is a considerable way to directly drive sales via Instagram as a small business and larger business.


As a small creator, business and brand, you can allocate only so much time to making and promoting content on social media platforms. That means you need to carefully think about which social media platform is fair for your brands and business. 

You could use the Instagram TV to:

  • Cross-posting and promoting the video content that you have created for other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook and will help to reach a broader audience. For reaching wider audiences, you can also buy IGTV likes for your video content.
  • Share other company news and custom success stories.
  • Using the shopping feature the services or products.
  • Showcase your company and proficiency with engaging formats such as how-to videos or question and answer sessions.


  • Preview postings
  • Use the hashtags
  • Use subtitles because not everyone watches with sound
  • The length of the video is important
  • Post vertical format videos
  • Set goals for your video content


Snapchat is fronting some severe and continual fighting from the social media platform Instagram.  Individuals and brands are moving over to Instagram stories increasingly for a different reason. The usage of  Instagram stories surpassed all the activity of Instagram in April, with the users of Instagram stories exceeding 200M and the Snapchat stories rounding up to 160M.  

Generally, Instagram stories provide a less perplexing and better user experience.  Importantly most the number of the audience you are probably to reach on Instagram is far more significant than Snapchat usually. In addition, it provides; an alternative platform to create content and drive to your ultimate goal, whether that is downloading a song, reading a blog, or having someone buy clothes. Buying Instagram story views makes your video viral, among others. The story’s concept of Instagram is like almost a tiny Television channel for your businesses and brand. 


Adding a story to Instagram:  you can add your story in two different ways:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page and click on your profile icon is the first type to add stories to Instagram.
  • Go to your news feed and then click on the camera icon in the upper left side corner. If you are done adding the stickers, drawings, and text on your video, you tap the icon “+ your story” at the right corner side of your screen’s foot, and officially it has been added to your Instagram story.

Media format selection:

Once you have made it to the screen, “add to your Instagram story,” the screen’s bottom will let you swipe right side to the left side to select between normal, boomerang, rewind, and hands-free. 

Normal: a regular video or photo

Boomerang: it is nothing but a GIF

Hands-free: This mode will take a  fifteen-second video automatically without you having to hold on to down your device’s record button to record the video.

Rewind: this mode will help you to reverse your video

Filters are added: just like the filter option of Snapchat, you can swipe the left side to advance via a sequence of filters that can be applied to your video clip or photo.


By clicking on the square share happy face icon on your screen’s upper right side corner, you get to the stickers option. Once you tap this, you will see a series of stickers: location sticker, selfie sticker, geo stickers, and hashtag sticker. You can decrease and increase the sticker size by expanding or pinching it with 2 fingers. 

HASHTAGS OF INSTAGRAM STICKERS: you can add hashtags to your story in two different ways. 

  • By clicking on the stickers icon, you can be selecting the hashtags option. Also, you can just type in the hashtags using the icon “text.” Either approach will result in searchable, tappable hashtags in your Instagram story.
  • To change the color of your story screen, you can use two different ways.
  • Swipe life to reveal a collection of pre-selected colors.
  • Picking your favorite color and holding with your finger down, which shows a whole color palette to select from.

How Could Brands Use Instagram Reels For Digital Marketing

People already know that Instagram is one of the world’s most prominent and most influential social media platforms. Instagram recently launched the latest feature, Reels. Since it launched, Instagram has become a popular video sharing network. Reels are creating and discovering short form entertaining videos to the audiences. Generally, it is not about 15 seconds long video. In addition, it provides various music and AR effects to make the video fun and attractive to the visitors. 

How To Make Your First Instagram Reels?

On Instagram, click the camera tab and select the Reels option. Now that you will notice the editing option at the left corner of the screen. You could add music, effects, emojis, GIFs as you want to. While you want to use original audio, record the Reel with your audio and upload it. After, preview your video if you think it is a perfect video, and then share your video with your friends.

Using editing features to make your content creatively and innovatively. Instagram Reels depend on creating exciting and enjoyable videos. Creativity plays an important role, and it is only helpful to stand out in your business. If you have more engagement and more followers for your account, which will increase credibility, these things lead to boost your video discoverability.  

Why Should You Use Instagram Reels For Marketing?

Broader audience

Most of the Instagram users are Gen Z and young millennials. The business people mostly target these kinds of audiences for their business and also Reels introduced among 50 countries. So, it is a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Brand Awareness

Incorporating the available editing features can help create appealing videos on reels pulling a massive number of people to watch your reels. If you are not getting enough engagement fot your reels, you need to buy Instagram Reels views which drives more traffic and exposure for your brand. 

 You need to understand better that many users are watching videos depending on more views which also go viral on social media networks. You are making videos properly for the visitors to spend more time on your Reels. Your account has a low engagement rate and low traffic. You could buy Instagram Reels views to increase your visibility, get more traffic, and more chances of exposing your brand to your audiences. These videos get the audience’s attention and compel them to glance up once to watch your Reels content. Attracted people might get to follow your profile and watch upcoming videos. So, easily you can create brand awareness online and expand your brand too.

Final Words

You know that without social media networks, marketers survive is great difficulty in the competitive marketing world. So, choose the Instagram platform because Instagram Reels is the ideal place to promote your product or services, expose your brand and reach a large crowd for your business effectively.

Best Of TikTok Advertising Approaches For Successful Results

Are you planning to start with TikTok advertising? Have you got any suggestions from marketers? If not, here is an option to work on the TikTok platform.  

You can review your TikTok advertising approaches to gain more sales. Anyhow,  if you are familiar with the details and profile to use for TikTok advertising, receive the most out of business results.

Wait no further!

This article explains TikTok advertising methods and helps you can collect everything as a result of TikTok ads. 

How TikTok Works For Business?

TikTok helps to build your brand and grow several followers and potential leads. You got a checklist that will help you process for TikTok advertising your business. 

  1. Perform a B2C business.
  2. Focus your target audience, TikTok users((30.66%) below 30 years of age. Thus, TikTok ads will be an ideal method to reach.
  3. You can process tons of videos to advertise your business. A notable piece of your income comes from video ads. Thus, the TikTok users state themselves on videos. You can create top-quality video content to expand your following and enhance the brand. 
  4. Are you are a B2C business? Then focus on people under 30. You can spend on TikTok influencers and ads; it resonates with practical outcomes. 

How To Use TikTok For Business?

On TikTok, here you got three different steps that you can use for your business profile. 

  1. Initially, sign-up for a new TikTok account and entertaining post videos of your brands and businesses. 
  2. Next, get help from TikTok influencers to advertise your products on their accounts. 
  3. Establish your TikTok advertising account and begin running your ads for your products. 

Note: Several businesses follow each of the three steps to receive productively out of TikTok. 

How To Advertise TikTok Brands?

Before making a business strategy, you can check various methods to advertise your brands and business. You can skyrocket your viral video on TikTok by buying TikTok followers to reach active audiences on the platform. 

1.Hashtag Challenges

TikTok users like to take part in the challenges that allow them to reveal their creativity. Brands got a chance to make challenges and organize giveaways for their followers.

TikTok’s hashtag challenges for the business, made out on Samsung to advertise its Galaxy A, created a #GalaxyA Challenge.

The challenge was easy, where every user had to draw an alphabetical letter A on their palm and use TikTok’s changing effect to modify the alphabet to their friend’s palm. It transferred the message that users can become connected with Samsung smartphones, Galaxy A. 

Another example of a hashtag challenge is McDonald’s also used TikTok challenges to improve its brand. Users need to dance for the previously videotaped Big Mac TikTok video clips as a piece of the #BigMac TikTok challenge. 

2. Influencer Marketing

TikTok influencer marketing is the simplest method to get purchased if you begin your business or start something new. 

Sony recruited 30 TikTok influencers to advertise their movie Escape Room. TikTok influencers challenged to get away from the set-up that was the same as the one shown in the same movie. They also employed influencers from different time limits to advertising their TikTok songs. 

Educational insights launched a fresh product called Playfoam Puffle, which is the same as clay but never dries. It assists kids in gaining creativity, and adults will love it. Thus, educational insights reached ten influencers. Also, prompt them to make content over their product during the four weeks. 

As a result, in the fourth-week ad campaign, the TikTok influencers had reached 2.5M views for their videos. 

Before employing a business strategy, you can check different methods to advertise your TikTok brands and business. You can gain your popularity of the viral video on TikTok by skyrocketing results. Now it’s the best strategy to buy TikTok followers to reach your active audiences on the platform. 

Marketing Tips: How To Enhance Your Business On IGTV

Did you look towards building tons of engagement on Instagram? Then videos are the best choice, which is becoming the most significant in online marketing. Did you know? Videos occupy one-third of all online activity. It is time to use video content for your business. Surprisingly, you have a new attracting platform to create video content.

Yes, Instagram has come up with a new feature called IGTV. It is a separate app, interconnected with Instagram. It allows us to shoot videos for up to one hour. It is framed especially for mobile users, with vertical videos. Your IGTV videos will be in full screen; you don’t want to turn on your mobile screen. So, it’s the right stage to enhance your business. 

Let’s see a few marketing tips to use on IGTV. 

Have A Clear-Cut Goal 

What’s your objective on IGTV? You have to define your purposes or goals that you want to accomplish on IGTV. You can have plenty of goals that you want to achieve, but here there are two significant objectives that everyone must focus on in their business.

Build Brand Awareness  

Building brand awareness is nothing but making your brand name familiar with your audience. This is the first and foremost step for your business. It is like direct marketing, but spreading awareness about your brand, business. This can be done by posting, educating, or sharing information about your business and more. 

Increasing Lead Generation 

Next, you focus on videos that help to generate your leads. This can be possible by direction promotion, speaking about your products or services. 

Know Your Target Audience 

You already have your Instagram followers. In those followers, identify who your ideal customers are so that you can plan and create for that customer in mind. It helps to create content that you know will resonate with your audience. When you customize your content, especially for your audience will bring more engagement rate. If building engagement is your ultimate goal, then consider Snaphappen IGTV comments to gain audience interaction. Use Instagram insights to know about your audience demographics, check what kinds of people will use your product. Those things will help to find your ideal customers. 

Upload Videos Regularly

Are you trying to create great impacts on IGTV? Then posting regular videos is a must. At least you need to post couples a week, it’s best to post daily videos. If you want to post videos on your regular basis, it’s good to plan and shoot your video in advance. You can use a content calendar and scheduling option to post your videos. It helps to know your audience about your content type and timing. Moreover, posting frequent content will bring more engagement. 

Post Engaging Videos 

Don’t stick with the same kinds of content for your business. Try out different kinds of content to hold your audience engagement. You have plenty of content ideas to create engaging videos. You can try an educational, tutorial form of content, sharing your personal stories, product demos, series, trending topics. It helps to entertain your audience. Ensure all your videos are directly or indirectly influence your business.

Make Use Of Hashtags 

If you use the right hashtags for your videos, you can increase your views rate. Identify hashtags that must be related to your content and familiar with your audience. Ensure all your hashtags focus on your business.  


Monitoring your performance is essential to customize your content strategies. You can use Instagram Insights to identify specific metrics, which helps to grow your IGTV channel. Well, now I will be happy with those tips which help to market your business on IGTV.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Instagram Analytics: Most Important Instagram Insights You Should Know

Instagram is the perfect social media platform that helps everyone create, edit, and share videos for 3 to 60 seconds. The hottest part of Instagram is its stories. Most people use this story page to share their contents in a different way. 

Instagram analytics is a free built-in tool, and it helps to track your Instagram account performance. By understanding these results, you can easily make more effective social media accounts, and marketers can reach their brand across the Instagram world. 

This article will cover all the information about Instagram analytics and how to access them for your account. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Instagram Insights? 

Instagram Insights is the free-built in Instagram analytics tool, and it provides detailed data about the account performance on the platform. 

Instagram insights are only available in business or creator’s accounts. So, you need a business account before you can access analytics. 

Setting up an Instagram business account is a simple step. 

  • Go to your profile page, and tap the three horizontal lines at the upper right corner.
  • Click settings.
  • Tap the account option. 
  • Click the switch to a professional account.
  • Click Business.
  • You can follow the steers to connect with your Instagram account to a Facebook profile.
  • Add business category and contact information
  • Tap done option. 

Now, you can access your business feature and Instagram analytics. 

Account Insights: Overview 

Instagram insights provide the data about your account and followers. The overview tab helps to know about the overall information about your profile. 

Specifically, it provides the following information about your Instagram account:

  • Account reach
  • Content interactions
  • Content you shared
  • Total followers count 

Instagram Accounts Reach 

Instagram reach means how many unique profiles see your content on Instagram or how many times people viewed and interacted with your content. It includes, 

  • How many people see your content on Instagram
  • How many of them visit your profile and click your website link
  • How many of them tap the call-to-action button on your profile

If your goal is to build brand awareness and increase post visibility, growing Instagram reach is an effective way to reach and monitor your content worldwide. 

Is Instagram reach and Impression the same or not? 

Both are different, Impression means the total number of times content has been displayed. For example, if you scroll the same post two times in your feed, the posts get two impressions but only one reach. 

Content Interactions

Content interactions show the detailed information about how many of them interacted with your posts, stories, and videos. You can also see the likes, comments, saves, shares, and replies for your posts. 

These metrics help to know about your post’s interactions and which type of content the audience most likes. So, you can create your future content based on these analytics. 

Content You Shared 

This section shows the Instagram users how many posts, stories, and IGTV videos they shared over the last 7-days. It doesn’t provide how other people respond to your content, and it gives you the data about your content insight. 

Total Followers Count

It is one of the important metrics you need to track and know about your follower’s activity. Yes, it gives you how many followers you have and how many new followers you gained or lost in the last seven days. 

Also, it helps to track the geographical location, age, and gender of your followers and when they are active on Instagram. This data really helps to get the overall activity about your fans and followers on Instagram. 

Individual Posts Analytics

The Instagram account insights provide how the posts perform individually. With this analytics, you can measure the success of your specific posts. 

These includes: 

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • How many of them see your profile after watching posts
  • How many people followed your profile after seeing your posts

The individual posts results help to understand which content goes viral on Instagram, which one gets more engagement, and what type of content you ignore.


On August 5, 2020, Instagram Reels globally launched in more than fifty countries, which include the Uk and the Us. Reels are the most direct competitor against TikTok and most important than any other of all the 2020 updates of Instagram. And all we know the wild riding of TikTok from the worldwide most downloaded app to TikTok is banned in India and also with the potential banned in the US. Most of the brands and businesses were eager to create and launching their first Reels on Instagram in the first few days. Reels on Instagram allow the users to make 15-second videos with small audio clips.users can scroll endlessly on the Reels for the short videos clips that are based totally on interactions, followers, follows, and their likes. You can easily find the Instagram Reels on any profile. The first reels in the Explore Page the reels will pop up at the top of the screen.


Why not reuse the content on Instagram Reels if you have some TikTok content already and also you can receive Instagram Reels Likes Because the dimension of the videos are in the format 1080*1920 already, and also you can find the audio clips which are the same as in the Instagram reels and also find new music or audio by yourself. This strategy would help you t expose your creative content to new people. You can use different hashtags challenges for your videos like #CeleblookalikeChallenge and  #SavageChallenge online challenges. The hashtag challenges take the online world a storm. Connecting your audience with influencers is always a great idea.an the biggest corporate-like Walmart knows how to do the right influencer marketing. The content of the influencers of Nike does not always have to be on the users’ business feed. Sitting down in various colorful dress is one of the most popular trend content throughout TikTok. And because and with the help of this trend of this content, the Topshop has become a trend for months on TikTok. 


Use your own audio for Instagram Reels so that your content will get more exposure. Creativity is what the content perspective of the users and what they love, then the short video clips can give content creators really more space. The Instagram Reels has an endless scroll option, which will make the users easy to navigate and view more creators’ videos and what they love.


Let’s talk about the metrics of social media. When engagement counting, there are two main important things you should know they are impressions and reach. Reach is an engagement metric, it is used to define who are all watch and sees your content. Reach is the number of viewers who watch a Facebook event page, your story post on Instagram, and the tweet you make. Your ads would be 200 if 200 people clicked on your ad, where your ad displayed 600 times on the pages of social media networks. Buy Instagram impressions because impression is also an engagement metric that is used to calculate the number of counts your content was showed upon your browsers of social media networks. Impressions are more different from the metrics reach, why because it does not count the people’s engagement with your content, and people who click on your content. The post’s impression would be 600 if the post or ads displayed 600 times on social media networks. 


The impression is an engagement metric calculated by how many people your content is visible. Conclusion and reach is also an engagement metric calculated by the number of people who choose your posts and videos for watching and making engagement with our content through the shares, comments, and likes. The impressions rate will be higher than some key patters’ reach-in, while the impressions and reach are pretty similar. The reach counts the number of clicks nad while the impression counts the number of the exposures. Various social media networks have their own rules for counting reach and impressions methods, even though the metrics are pretty dry and cut. The Facebook platform defines the impression metric as the total number of times your content was on the user screen. The total count of the time the content appears on the screen is known as media impressions on Facebook. 


The twitter platform calculated the twitter impression when an audience used to see twitter tweets.  Then the impression of Instagram is defined by the total count of the audiences’ times used to watch a post, IGTV  videos, and a story. The method that the impression is calculated for every application relates to the primary function of the applications.  Twitter gives analytics options for free for users. Threads on twitter own impressions individually. Your total impressions for your individual thread will be 700 if your primary thread earns 500 impressions, and a relies on that twitter tweet are about 300. You can watch your impressions bar if you click on the tab “tweets” on the twitter application or on the website. In Instagram, impressions and reach have the two different metrics that are defined that way. The impression of Instagram is earned from the user’s total count watched your posts, your videos on IGTV, and the stories. Just think about your goal for your business when deciding about which metric is very important for tracking.


TikTok is one of the topmost free applications with the wider downloads for the users on Apple and Google play store. TikTok allows the user to share and utilize the videos to connect with your friends and groups. TikTok is one of the social networks that are familiar with a lot of famous artists and youngsters. In this post, we will be suggesting some of the important points for developing your profile, where you buy real TikTok views to attain popularity for building up the profile with the upgrading level!

#1 Build up the profile with an appealing feature: 

Every social media network focusses on the important factors that change the follower’s choice. Explaining in a deeper note, the profile picture, a user name, or the personal information provided during the TikTok account creation leaves a strong impulse on the followers who pays a visit on your personal page.

A catchy username is worthy of trying than a longer one. The main reason is that a longer name would be difficult to remember and doesn’t help to gain the recognization from the users because they would be forgetting it sooner or later if the name doesn’t create a strong impression then it is a complete waste of time in creating the account!

Do you want others to know more about you? Then give the precise information about you that would explain your theme and what types of videos or clips you would be posting on. For Instance, you are interested in making cooking videos or being a fitness freak then post in that field or post a travel blog. Your profile is the perfect tool to establish communication and connects with your new followers where it is that much essential to encourage others to check the follow button and start communicating with them!

#2 Post Exclusive content:

Don’t ever try to copy the content please make sure you build your content by own or get inspired by others. Your content helps to increase the traffic among the audience where your profile will enjoy its popularity. Your own style would be the keynote is the originality so try to create distinctive content that makes others get attracted more. The viewers can easily the capability of producing the content that is in many cases they would be hitting skip, thus you be clear that your followers watch the post completely! 

Analyze “what is the all-time favorite topic?” Select the niche that you are really surprised about or you are knowledgable about because working on trending topics without any interest would make you generic and easy to drown among the special videos!

Instagram Stories: Best Practices To Follow To Grow Your Following

Instagram is one of the modish and out of the world social networking platforms. Plenty of people are falling towards Instagram to enjoy their present and future actions. By showcasing every part of their life. Instagram stories are a fantastic feature to arrest your followers’ attention and remain top of their mind. Here let us discuss the must practice Instagram story to enrich your followers.

Why Should One Care About Instagram Story?

Why is the Instagram story crucial?. Over 500 million active users have emerged on Instagram, In this one billion stories are posted every day. The research study shows that more than 60% of people are captivated by brands or products after noticing the stories post.

More than 4 million businesses are promoting their brands via ads on Instagram story. 

In case if you are a beginner or want to explore Instagram stories take a look this article,

Instagram Story

The Instagram story is like a storyboard; it includes pictures, videos, a combination of both. Which is invisible after 24 hours, which enables it to display on the news feed. You can post more stories as you wish with limited numbers.  

To Create Instagram Story

1. Press the camera icon at the top of the screen to use the Instagram story camera.

2. Then hold the white circle to take a photo or record the video.

3. You can swipe-up to post gallery stuff to access your free pictures or videos.

You can also try out other attractive features like boomerang, music, superzoom, live, hands -free to make your story interesting. Suppose you are a beginner and want to improve your account visibility. Then consider buying Instagram Story Views to increase engagement and build brand awareness. 

Monitor Your Instagram Story Views

  1.  On the homepage, press the story icon in the head of the page.
  2. You can see the count of story views on the footer side.
  3. Use swipe-up to view the individual people who watched your story
  4. If you have a business account, you can press the graph icon to see your story’s insight

You know that your story will disappear in 24 hours, remember you can see the list of people who watched your story only for 48 hours. Your insight will appear for 14 days in your account.

Practice Instagram Story Stickers 

Stickers are the fun part of the story, and it creates your content more exciting and colorful. Anyway, it is kept on updating, so stick with the flow.

There are plenty of stickers you can use. Some of them

  1. Use hashtags and location tag to increase your brand exposure and visibility
  2. Include music, emoji, gifts to show off your current mood.
  3. Introduce polls, countdowns, queries to create connections, attachment with your story
  4. Add product stickers to encourage sales.

If you are new to the Instagram stories, invest your time exploring every sticker, analyze which is more important.

Include Hashtags And Location Tags 

Include hashtags to your content to increase the chance of more exploring and give your account visibility. If someone searches something related to your brands or content on the explore tab. They will end up with hashtags that match your content. Location tags are used to target specific audiences in your area. 

How To Get 10X More Retweets on Twitter

Everyone now on Twitter are through with the basic best practices in Twitter like, Post regularly, correct use of hashtags, use short tweets  and some trending images in the right format. All these practices are said to boost engagement rate. Twitter analytics shows engagement rate which includes link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies. When more people share your tweets, it means more people are viewing your content hence increasing overall engagement.This article includes some tips to get more retweets by including some content tips

Use good mages

Including beautiful and creative images to your textual content  can make them even special in user streams. Studies report that tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 90% more likes and 20% more retweets. Images work better if they have rich saturated colors and are highly probable to get more tweets. People new to twitter can buy Twitter retweets in addition to posting great content in their feeds.

Use Infographics & Charts

When you post tweets that include infographics,people are more likely to like and share it which increases the higher engagement rate. Some also retweet it because infographic is something which provides information just in a single click. They are really engaging and people share them without a second thought.

Make Them Retweet

Be sure to search and share the most relevant data to your audience. The data must be of great benefit to the users and their followers because more useful data at right times can generate a lot of tweets. For example tweeting about study streams around the time of exams and exam results can work extremely well. Most people love to share such original information to their friends and followers.

Be Genuine

Posting picture of real moments in family can take you much closer to the audience. Because people just love to connect with real profiles who feel free to share their personal side of life. Such images are said to get more retweets and gain more engagement. Content with awesome images get the most engagement than just textual content or content that was shared directly from the sites that contained them.

Along with the right marketing strategy, you also need to post great content to get more retweets. Just remember always to post images with textual content to get more engagement from users.In addition to the above tips, thoroughly researching and executing your tips can also gather massive number of retweets for your page.

Effective Video Recording Techniques For YouTube In 2020

Why video blogging?

It helps you to develop interactions with your viewers than any other blogging format. Have you worked with the video content anymore? If not, why?

The significant excuses are “video creating acquires too much of time” or “not having the right equipment” or “don’t have any ideas on how the entire process works.”

In this article, we will show you how to record a video quickly instantly. Let’s jump in.

Filming a video:


Even if your video looks dreadful, you can save your video into the audio post. How will you finalize the audio, OK?

A vast low level and mid-level camcorders with MIC support are available in markets and online nowadays. Get an external microphone, and plug it in, and check the levels. You are all set now.

If you do not have a MIC in your camera, record the audio with an external device’s help. Then merge it to the video in post-production work.

Tip: you can sync your video and audio easily by clapping your hands in the post-production works to mark up the starting point, which perfectly matches the audio and video. An editing software shows the audio spikes, and then you can march with your video by clapping.

If you are in the situation that you must use the camera with MIC support, avoid the two conditions:

Environmental – air conditioning noise if you are filming indoors, or strong wind if you are shooting outdoors.

Subject positioning – a camera with MIC mainly picks the person filing the video while the subjects placed few away are low audio.

In simple words, make some magic to bring up the audio level correct to the video in the post-production work. Buy YouTube likes to build your engagements instantly in vast numbers, and it helps the users get your content on YouTube quickly.


The more of your budget should go for this if you wish to invest money in recording video content. To bring up the explicit video, it’s necessary to have lighting to record videos. It is more important to have lighting than the camera type. Why?

Modern cameras are capable of film videos that have good resolutions. Use the natural light while shooting whenever possible. And also, always make sure that light sources should appear behind the camera, or windows in the indoor shooting.

Some of the lighting factors are:

Key Light – it is the leading light while filming. It should be placed right side of the camera, and three feet above the subject’s eye level. 

Fill Light – the fill light is used to place at the opposite side of the camera, and its work is to fill the shadow produced by the key light.

Back Light – it is placed behind the subject. It is also called “head & shoulders” light.

Trick – good lighting is a type of science that is like an art. Know the lighting factors well before filming to bring out the stunning videos.


What type of camera do you need for filming? Consider the following facts to get a better camera.

Video format – pick the camera that records the audio natively; your editing software readily accepts that.

Sound – with external MIC in.

Storage – choose the one with external cards so that it is easy for transferring files.

Batteries – it should be handy when you take extra batteries during outdoor shooting.