On August 5, 2020, Instagram Reels globally launched in more than fifty countries, which include the Uk and the Us. Reels are the most direct competitor against TikTok and most important than any other of all the 2020 updates of Instagram. And all we know the wild riding of TikTok from the worldwide most downloaded app to TikTok is banned in India and also with the potential banned in the US. Most of the brands and businesses were eager to create and launching their first Reels on Instagram in the first few days. Reels on Instagram allow the users to make 15-second videos with small audio clips.users can scroll endlessly on the Reels for the short videos clips that are based totally on interactions, followers, follows, and their likes. You can easily find the Instagram Reels on any profile. The first reels in the Explore Page the reels will pop up at the top of the screen.


Why not reuse the content on Instagram Reels if you have some TikTok content already and also you can receive Instagram Reels Likes Because the dimension of the videos are in the format 1080*1920 already, and also you can find the audio clips which are the same as in the Instagram reels and also find new music or audio by yourself. This strategy would help you t expose your creative content to new people. You can use different hashtags challenges for your videos like #CeleblookalikeChallenge and  #SavageChallenge online challenges. The hashtag challenges take the online world a storm. Connecting your audience with influencers is always a great the biggest corporate-like Walmart knows how to do the right influencer marketing. The content of the influencers of Nike does not always have to be on the users’ business feed. Sitting down in various colorful dress is one of the most popular trend content throughout TikTok. And because and with the help of this trend of this content, the Topshop has become a trend for months on TikTok. 


Use your own audio for Instagram Reels so that your content will get more exposure. Creativity is what the content perspective of the users and what they love, then the short video clips can give content creators really more space. The Instagram Reels has an endless scroll option, which will make the users easy to navigate and view more creators’ videos and what they love.


Let’s talk about the metrics of social media. When engagement counting, there are two main important things you should know they are impressions and reach. Reach is an engagement metric, it is used to define who are all watch and sees your content. Reach is the number of viewers who watch a Facebook event page, your story post on Instagram, and the tweet you make. Your ads would be 200 if 200 people clicked on your ad, where your ad displayed 600 times on the pages of social media networks. Buy Instagram impressions because impression is also an engagement metric that is used to calculate the number of counts your content was showed upon your browsers of social media networks. Impressions are more different from the metrics reach, why because it does not count the people’s engagement with your content, and people who click on your content. The post’s impression would be 600 if the post or ads displayed 600 times on social media networks. 


The impression is an engagement metric calculated by how many people your content is visible. Conclusion and reach is also an engagement metric calculated by the number of people who choose your posts and videos for watching and making engagement with our content through the shares, comments, and likes. The impressions rate will be higher than some key patters’ reach-in, while the impressions and reach are pretty similar. The reach counts the number of clicks nad while the impression counts the number of the exposures. Various social media networks have their own rules for counting reach and impressions methods, even though the metrics are pretty dry and cut. The Facebook platform defines the impression metric as the total number of times your content was on the user screen. The total count of the time the content appears on the screen is known as media impressions on Facebook. 


The twitter platform calculated the twitter impression when an audience used to see twitter tweets.  Then the impression of Instagram is defined by the total count of the audiences’ times used to watch a post, IGTV  videos, and a story. The method that the impression is calculated for every application relates to the primary function of the applications.  Twitter gives analytics options for free for users. Threads on twitter own impressions individually. Your total impressions for your individual thread will be 700 if your primary thread earns 500 impressions, and a relies on that twitter tweet are about 300. You can watch your impressions bar if you click on the tab “tweets” on the twitter application or on the website. In Instagram, impressions and reach have the two different metrics that are defined that way. The impression of Instagram is earned from the user’s total count watched your posts, your videos on IGTV, and the stories. Just think about your goal for your business when deciding about which metric is very important for tracking.

Instagram Stories: Best Practices To Follow To Grow Your Following

Instagram is one of the modish and out of the world social networking platforms. Plenty of people are falling towards Instagram to enjoy their present and future actions. By showcasing every part of their life. Instagram stories are a fantastic feature to arrest your followers’ attention and remain top of their mind. Here let us discuss the must practice Instagram story to enrich your followers.

Why Should One Care About Instagram Story?

Why is the Instagram story crucial?. Over 500 million active users have emerged on Instagram, In this one billion stories are posted every day. The research study shows that more than 60% of people are captivated by brands or products after noticing the stories post.

More than 4 million businesses are promoting their brands via ads on Instagram story. 

In case if you are a beginner or want to explore Instagram stories take a look this article,

Instagram Story

The Instagram story is like a storyboard; it includes pictures, videos, a combination of both. Which is invisible after 24 hours, which enables it to display on the news feed. You can post more stories as you wish with limited numbers.  

To Create Instagram Story

1. Press the camera icon at the top of the screen to use the Instagram story camera.

2. Then hold the white circle to take a photo or record the video.

3. You can swipe-up to post gallery stuff to access your free pictures or videos.

You can also try out other attractive features like boomerang, music, superzoom, live, hands -free to make your story interesting. Suppose you are a beginner and want to improve your account visibility. Then consider buying Instagram Story Views to increase engagement and build brand awareness. 

Monitor Your Instagram Story Views

  1.  On the homepage, press the story icon in the head of the page.
  2. You can see the count of story views on the footer side.
  3. Use swipe-up to view the individual people who watched your story
  4. If you have a business account, you can press the graph icon to see your story’s insight

You know that your story will disappear in 24 hours, remember you can see the list of people who watched your story only for 48 hours. Your insight will appear for 14 days in your account.

Practice Instagram Story Stickers 

Stickers are the fun part of the story, and it creates your content more exciting and colorful. Anyway, it is kept on updating, so stick with the flow.

There are plenty of stickers you can use. Some of them

  1. Use hashtags and location tag to increase your brand exposure and visibility
  2. Include music, emoji, gifts to show off your current mood.
  3. Introduce polls, countdowns, queries to create connections, attachment with your story
  4. Add product stickers to encourage sales.

If you are new to the Instagram stories, invest your time exploring every sticker, analyze which is more important.

Include Hashtags And Location Tags 

Include hashtags to your content to increase the chance of more exploring and give your account visibility. If someone searches something related to your brands or content on the explore tab. They will end up with hashtags that match your content. Location tags are used to target specific audiences in your area.