Let’s talk about the metrics of social media. When engagement counting, there are two main important things you should know they are impressions and reach. Reach is an engagement metric, it is used to define who are all watch and sees your content. Reach is the number of viewers who watch a Facebook event page, your story post on Instagram, and the tweet you make. Your ads would be 200 if 200 people clicked on your ad, where your ad displayed 600 times on the pages of social media networks. Buy Instagram impressions because impression is also an engagement metric that is used to calculate the number of counts your content was showed upon your browsers of social media networks. Impressions are more different from the metrics reach, why because it does not count the people’s engagement with your content, and people who click on your content. The post’s impression would be 600 if the post or ads displayed 600 times on social media networks. 


The impression is an engagement metric calculated by how many people your content is visible. Conclusion and reach is also an engagement metric calculated by the number of people who choose your posts and videos for watching and making engagement with our content through the shares, comments, and likes. The impressions rate will be higher than some key patters’ reach-in, while the impressions and reach are pretty similar. The reach counts the number of clicks nad while the impression counts the number of the exposures. Various social media networks have their own rules for counting reach and impressions methods, even though the metrics are pretty dry and cut. The Facebook platform defines the impression metric as the total number of times your content was on the user screen. The total count of the time the content appears on the screen is known as media impressions on Facebook. 


The twitter platform calculated the twitter impression when an audience used to see twitter tweets.  Then the impression of Instagram is defined by the total count of the audiences’ times used to watch a post, IGTV  videos, and a story. The method that the impression is calculated for every application relates to the primary function of the applications.  Twitter gives analytics options for free for users. Threads on twitter own impressions individually. Your total impressions for your individual thread will be 700 if your primary thread earns 500 impressions, and a relies on that twitter tweet are about 300. You can watch your impressions bar if you click on the tab “tweets” on the twitter application or on the website. In Instagram, impressions and reach have the two different metrics that are defined that way. The impression of Instagram is earned from the user’s total count watched your posts, your videos on IGTV, and the stories. Just think about your goal for your business when deciding about which metric is very important for tracking.