On August 5, 2020, Instagram Reels globally launched in more than fifty countries, which include the Uk and the Us. Reels are the most direct competitor against TikTok and most important than any other of all the 2020 updates of Instagram. And all we know the wild riding of TikTok from the worldwide most downloaded app to TikTok is banned in India and also with the potential banned in the US. Most of the brands and businesses were eager to create and launching their first Reels on Instagram in the first few days. Reels on Instagram allow the users to make 15-second videos with small audio clips.users can scroll endlessly on the Reels for the short videos clips that are based totally on interactions, followers, follows, and their likes. You can easily find the Instagram Reels on any profile. The first reels in the Explore Page the reels will pop up at the top of the screen.


Why not reuse the content on Instagram Reels if you have some TikTok content already and also you can receive Instagram Reels Likes Because the dimension of the videos are in the format 1080*1920 already, and also you can find the audio clips which are the same as in the Instagram reels and also find new music or audio by yourself. This strategy would help you t expose your creative content to new people. You can use different hashtags challenges for your videos like #CeleblookalikeChallenge and  #SavageChallenge online challenges. The hashtag challenges take the online world a storm. Connecting your audience with influencers is always a great the biggest corporate-like Walmart knows how to do the right influencer marketing. The content of the influencers of Nike does not always have to be on the users’ business feed. Sitting down in various colorful dress is one of the most popular trend content throughout TikTok. And because and with the help of this trend of this content, the Topshop has become a trend for months on TikTok. 


Use your own audio for Instagram Reels so that your content will get more exposure. Creativity is what the content perspective of the users and what they love, then the short video clips can give content creators really more space. The Instagram Reels has an endless scroll option, which will make the users easy to navigate and view more creators’ videos and what they love.