Snapchat is fronting some severe and continual fighting from the social media platform Instagram.  Individuals and brands are moving over to Instagram stories increasingly for a different reason. The usage of  Instagram stories surpassed all the activity of Instagram in April, with the users of Instagram stories exceeding 200M and the Snapchat stories rounding up to 160M.  

Generally, Instagram stories provide a less perplexing and better user experience.  Importantly most the number of the audience you are probably to reach on Instagram is far more significant than Snapchat usually. In addition, it provides; an alternative platform to create content and drive to your ultimate goal, whether that is downloading a song, reading a blog, or having someone buy clothes. Buying Instagram story views makes your video viral, among others. The story’s concept of Instagram is like almost a tiny Television channel for your businesses and brand. 


Adding a story to Instagram:  you can add your story in two different ways:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page and click on your profile icon is the first type to add stories to Instagram.
  • Go to your news feed and then click on the camera icon in the upper left side corner. If you are done adding the stickers, drawings, and text on your video, you tap the icon “+ your story” at the right corner side of your screen’s foot, and officially it has been added to your Instagram story.

Media format selection:

Once you have made it to the screen, “add to your Instagram story,” the screen’s bottom will let you swipe right side to the left side to select between normal, boomerang, rewind, and hands-free. 

Normal: a regular video or photo

Boomerang: it is nothing but a GIF

Hands-free: This mode will take a  fifteen-second video automatically without you having to hold on to down your device’s record button to record the video.

Rewind: this mode will help you to reverse your video

Filters are added: just like the filter option of Snapchat, you can swipe the left side to advance via a sequence of filters that can be applied to your video clip or photo.


By clicking on the square share happy face icon on your screen’s upper right side corner, you get to the stickers option. Once you tap this, you will see a series of stickers: location sticker, selfie sticker, geo stickers, and hashtag sticker. You can decrease and increase the sticker size by expanding or pinching it with 2 fingers. 

HASHTAGS OF INSTAGRAM STICKERS: you can add hashtags to your story in two different ways. 

  • By clicking on the stickers icon, you can be selecting the hashtags option. Also, you can just type in the hashtags using the icon “text.” Either approach will result in searchable, tappable hashtags in your Instagram story.
  • To change the color of your story screen, you can use two different ways.
  • Swipe life to reveal a collection of pre-selected colors.
  • Picking your favorite color and holding with your finger down, which shows a whole color palette to select from.