Effective Video Recording Techniques For YouTube In 2020

Why video blogging?

It helps you to develop interactions with your viewers than any other blogging format. Have you worked with the video content anymore? If not, why?

The significant excuses are “video creating acquires too much of time” or “not having the right equipment” or “don’t have any ideas on how the entire process works.”

In this article, we will show you how to record a video quickly instantly. Let’s jump in.

Filming a video:


Even if your video looks dreadful, you can save your video into the audio post. How will you finalize the audio, OK?

A vast low level and mid-level camcorders with MIC support are available in markets and online nowadays. Get an external microphone, and plug it in, and check the levels. You are all set now.

If you do not have a MIC in your camera, record the audio with an external device’s help. Then merge it to the video in post-production work.

Tip: you can sync your video and audio easily by clapping your hands in the post-production works to mark up the starting point, which perfectly matches the audio and video. An editing software shows the audio spikes, and then you can march with your video by clapping.

If you are in the situation that you must use the camera with MIC support, avoid the two conditions:

Environmental – air conditioning noise if you are filming indoors, or strong wind if you are shooting outdoors.

Subject positioning – a camera with MIC mainly picks the person filing the video while the subjects placed few away are low audio.

In simple words, make some magic to bring up the audio level correct to the video in the post-production work. Buy YouTube likes to build your engagements instantly in vast numbers, and it helps the users get your content on YouTube quickly.


The more of your budget should go for this if you wish to invest money in recording video content. To bring up the explicit video, it’s necessary to have lighting to record videos. It is more important to have lighting than the camera type. Why?

Modern cameras are capable of film videos that have good resolutions. Use the natural light while shooting whenever possible. And also, always make sure that light sources should appear behind the camera, or windows in the indoor shooting.

Some of the lighting factors are:

Key Light – it is the leading light while filming. It should be placed right side of the camera, and three feet above the subject’s eye level. 

Fill Light – the fill light is used to place at the opposite side of the camera, and its work is to fill the shadow produced by the key light.

Back Light – it is placed behind the subject. It is also called “head & shoulders” light.

Trick – good lighting is a type of science that is like an art. Know the lighting factors well before filming to bring out the stunning videos.


What type of camera do you need for filming? Consider the following facts to get a better camera.

Video format – pick the camera that records the audio natively; your editing software readily accepts that.

Sound – with external MIC in.

Storage – choose the one with external cards so that it is easy for transferring files.

Batteries – it should be handy when you take extra batteries during outdoor shooting.